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Introducing our Private Shopping Appointments with Emily, owner of MP.
What is a Private Shopping Appointment?
This experience will happen when the store is closed, eliminating distractions and helping us to focus on you!
When you sign up for a private shopping appointment, we will send you over a short form within 48 hours of sign up to help customize your experience to exactly what you'd like
On the form, you’ll let Emily know the level of assistance you would like to receive while you shop.
Not necessarily looking for personal styling? But rather just like having the entire boutique to yourself to shop? No problem!
And of course if you are looking for a personal styler, that is her expertise 😎
If you’d like a dressing room setup ahead of time with all the newest items in your sizes, just let us know!
Or if you'd like to walk through the store with Emily as you pull items together, that's another option!
Cost: $50 non-refundable fee that goes toward any purchases you make on the day of your appointment. 
Other than that, there are no minimum purchase requirements.
We can't wait to get to know you + help you own your style!


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