Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team
Meet Our Team: Emily, Owner of Maggie Paige
Style Icon/Influencer: Kacey Musgraves, Selena Gomez, HER
Fave Musical Artist: WAAAY too many to name! I love music.
Fave Movie: Steel Magnolias, Sound of Music, and Bridget Jones Diary
Hobbies: Reading, Singing in a band, Orangetheory + Yoga
Fave season: Fall 
Coffee Order: Iced Brown Sugar Shaken Espresso
Fashion Advice: Wear what you like +what makes you feel good!
Go-to accessories: Gold hoops + layered necklaces
Serena, our Photographer + Social Media Manager
Style Icon/Influencer: Princess Diana
Fave Musical Artist: Taylor Swift 
Fave Movie: The Parent Trap
Hobbies: reading and hosting a podcast all about Taylor Swift 
Fave season: summer 
Coffee Order: Shaken Espresso with Sweet cream and 2 pumps of white mocha
Fashion Advice: Build your closet with high quality basics with trendy cuts. AND everyone should have a denim jacket!
Go-to accessories: gold hoops and rings
Mikayla, our Videographer + Social Media team member
Style icon: Chandler Deheart
Fav Musical Artist: Gracie Abrams
Fave Movie: Palm Springs
Hobbies: Photography, Hiking, Traveling
Fave Season: Fall
Coffee Order: Iced Vanilla Chai Latte w/oat milk
Fashion Advice: Good basics and jewelery are the key to everything
Go-to accessories: Gold earrings ALWAYS
Alli, Store Manager
Style Icon/Influencer: Hannah Godwin
Fave Musical Artist: currently Zach Bryan
Fave Movie: Pretty in Pink
Hobbies: Hiking, reading, hanging out with my dog
Fave season: Fall
Coffee Order: Vanilla sweet cream cold brew
Fashion Advice: Wear whatever makes you comfortable & feel like you!
Go-to accessories: little gold hoops, jean jacket, dainty necklaces
Kelli, Online Store Coordinator
Style Icon/Influencer: Emma chamberlain and Jaci Marie Smith
Fave Musical Artist: Olivia Rodrigo Sam smith
Fave Movie: Silver Linings Playbook
Hobbies: going for walks, cooking
Fave season: Summer
Coffee Order: iced shaken espresso with salted Carmel cold foam
Fashion Advice: Wear what you feel confident in no matter what anyone may think!
Go-to accessories: gold hoops or statement sunglasses
Darby, Store Team
Style Icon/Influencer: Olivia Rodrigo, Ashley Tisdale, Sofia Richie
Fave Musical Artist: Joshua Basset, Harry Styles, Driver Era and so many more!
Fave Movie: I'm a seasonal gal so right now my favorite movie to watch is Practical Magic!
Hobbies: I love to read, go shopping, and spend time with my family!
Fave season: Fall! Warm drinks + chunky sweaters
Coffee Order: My go to is either an iced caramel latte or a hot caramel latte depending on the weather
Fashion Advice: Find what makes you feel confident!
Go-to accessories: My Go-To accessories would always be jewelry! You will always find me in layered necklaces and my gold hoops!
Kait, Store Team
Style Icon/Influencer: @lindseystackhouse_ - a local SJ shore influencer who has such a cute style!
Fave Musical Artist: Ella Fitzgerald (I have so many this was hard!)
Fave Movie: Tangled
Hobbies: Love making sour dough!
Fave season: Fall 
Coffee Order: Maple Spice iced shaken espresso!
Fashion Advice: Dress your current body! You feel the best when your clothes fit you the best!
Go-to accessories: A hat and layering necklace are my go-to!
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