Making an Impact

Making an Impact
Hey gals, Emily here! At the start of this new year, I want to be transparent about our business practices and how your purchases with us support the community:
At the beginning of every year, we do a full inventory count of all the products in our store and back room.
Any products that no longer work for us (didn't sell, were over-ordered, arrived during the wrong season) are always donated to local organizations.
We typically donate to Angels Community Outreach and Fig Leaf Thrift here in Pitman. These are organizations you can also donate your own clothing to when you are cleaning out your own closets.
We recognize that the fashion industry has a lot to answer for when it comes to sustainability, and this is one way we try to extend the life cycle of our products while also positively impacting our neighbors in need.
Thank you for shopping small with us! Please know that your dollars spent with us makes a difference in our team's lives and our neighbors' lives.
xoxo Emily
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