Keep rising, Gals

Keep rising, Gals
Hey gals, Emily here. My entire adulthood, I’ve worked in fields dominated by women. I’ve heard some folks (including some women themselves) say that working with women is dramatic, that we’re backstabbers, that we’re too emotional.
Fortunately, my experience working alongside women has been very different from that.
In the fields in which I’ve worked, I’ve felt privileged to have seen firsthand the great amount of strength women possess. As fashion icon, Diane von Furstenberg says, “I haven’t met a woman that was not strong.” When we’re put to the test, we always rise. We have no choice but to rise.
This is why I love supporting my fellow female-owned businesses. I love watching them rise. And I am grateful for your support of my small business that has allowed me to rise above the limits society can put on me as a woman. I want the women who shop with us to know that their potential is limitless.
What’re some of your favorite female-owned businesses? I encourage you to support them now more than ever. Let’s keep rising, gals.
xoxo Emily
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